La Asunción de José

After death we will have to sing, we will have to dance, we will have to talk some more; and walk until we get lost.

Year: Postproduction 2015

Estimated Running time: 76 min (aprox)

Format: 16:9

Country: México

Language: Spanish

Subtitles: English, French

© Marta Hernaiz Pidal México, 2016


Bogotá, 1896. José Asunción Silva, essential radical poet, last of the romantics first of the modernists, they say; is consumed by the rewriting of his work, almost all lost after being shipwrecked while traveling from Venezuela to Bogotá. José spends his time between work and conversations with Inés, a young woman who helps the poet as a housekeeper, and that has found the world of words and reading through the poet. When he finishes the rewriting process, and after Inés has gone; the poet shoots himself


Director's Statement

La asunción de José

“Perhaps, mothers should be also the ones to be celebrated

on their children's birthdays.”


Alfredo Guevara said: “Film is poetry, if we are talking about cinema;

each shot is a word that sings and expresses, every image becomes

pure essence; if we are talking about cinema, I insist, film is poetry.”

So, in which other form, if not film, can the instance of a poet be represented?

the Assuption of José is not a film resulting of too much

insistence or too much waiting; it is a film that was an impulse that

once set in motion, never stopped until it was finished. For me it was

like a return to something, (film), because even though I thought

that directing was something of the past; since I had over ten years

writing, words brought me back to film, the Lightthe time.

The film is not a story. I cannot say it is a poem. It’s a film, an impulse

that articulates and cuts, that searches, that finds, that gets

lost and goes and comes; an impulse through memories; the memories

that our poets become to us. The film its not a recreation; it is

the imaginations about the life and the deaths of the suicide poet;

imaginations about the after dying, after committing suicide or after

being murdered.

Cast and Crew


Víctor Siañez Vaca

Fara Cárdenas Anastasio

Inés Quezada Pesqueira



Director: Juan Rocha

Script: Juan Rocha

Cinematography by: Marta Hernaiz Pidal, Jorge Bolado

Editing: Francisco Borrajo, Juan Rocha

Sound: Daniel Loustaunau, Guillermo Gaitán

Producer: Jorge Bolado, Marta Hernaiz

Screening List

Estreno 26 de Enero de 2016. Cineteca Nacional de México

En el marco del festival Distrital


27 y 28 de Enero Cinepolis Diana

En el marco del festival Dsitrital


* Film Contact:

Juan Rocha


Twitter: @juanrochaquevoa


Marta Hernaiz Pidal



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© Marta Hernaiz Pidal, México, 2016