“Turning everything upside down”

Marta Hernaiz Pidal was born in Mexico City in 1988. She graduat- ed with honors at the “Centro de Diseño Cine y Televisión” University with the short film “Pollito Chicken,Gallina Hen” which has been suc- cessful in Mexican and Latin American film festivals, obtaining a special mention for best actress in Short Shorts Film Festival 2012.

Marta completed her masters degree in Bosnia Herzegovina at film.fac- tory, school of the prominent film director Béla Tarr, where she had the chance to meet people from all over the world and received classes and counsel from Carlos Reygadas, Pedro Costa, Quay Brothers, Gus Van Sant, Gael Garcia Bernal, Apitchapong, Thierry Garrel, Jonathan Rosen- baum, Jean Michel Frodon among others.

Marta has also worked as co-cinematographer and producer of “La Asunción de José” directed by the Colombian director Juan Rocha and “Danish Film,” directed by Jorge Bolado, which is currently in postpro- duction process.

Marta graduated successfully of her master’s degree and came back to Mexico to edit her first feature film, “The Chaotic Life of Nada,” filmed in Bosnia Herzegovina and Montenegro.



- Pollito Chicken Gallina Hen, 2012

- The Empty Nest, 2015

- The Chaotic life of Nada, (post-production)

Jorge Bolado (México 1961) has been a professor in universities and film schools for over 31 years, being a teacher at the Universidad Iberoamericana for 11 years and a dean of documentary studies at the Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. His writings have been published in all kinds of press, ranging from the newspaper “La Prensa” to the magazine “Vogue”. He has also worked as a TV presenter in Televisa and Tlaxcala TV, as well as worked as a producer, cinematographer, editor and sound designer in television and film.

Jorge has produced several films including “Partes Usadas” from the director Aaron Fernández, “Martha” from Marcelino Islas and “La Asunción de José” from Colombian director Juan Rocha.

His film “Segundo Siglo” premiered in Mexico in 2002 and international festivals such as Edimburgh, La Habana, Toulouse, Los Angeles and San Francisco, among others.

Currently he is in postproduction proses of his last film “Danish film” filmed on location in Mexico, Spain and Denmark.



-Second Century

(Director and producer, México, 1999, 150 min)

-Danish Film

(Director and producer, México, 2013-2017, 120 min)

-Partes Usadas

(Producer, México, 2006, 90 min)


(Producer, México, 2010, 76 min)

-La Asunción de José

(Producer and Cinematographer, México, 2016, 72 min)

-The chaotic life of Nada

(Producer an cinematpgrapher, BiH, México 2016 post-production)

© Marta Hernaiz Pidal, México, 2016