Frankelda’s Book of Spooks

2021 | México | 5 episodes -each 14 minutes long| Spanish

The best stories don’t soothe us, but rather excite us

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Frankelda, an energetic ghost writer, narrates spooky and fantastic ghost stories alongside his grumpy, but loyal book, Herneval. Frankelda’s stories come to life each episode, allowing us to witness chilling and fun tales about kids facing monsters (which incarnate their deepest fears). The anthology format brings a whole different set of characters to each episode, while, at the same time, gives us clues about Frankelda’s and Herneval’s tragic past.


Created by the Ambriz Brothers

Written, directed and produced by Arturo & Roy Ambriz

Animation Director: Beto Petiches

Director of Photography: Irene Melis

Art Director: Ana Coronilla

Original music and songs: Kevin Smithers

Starring: Mireya Mendoza, Arturo Mercado Jr., Luis Leonardo Suárez

Festivals and Awards

Best Animated Series at Quirino Awards 

Best Animation Design at Quirino Awards

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