Al Fondo a la Derecha

In development

“Kings and philosophers shit, so do ladies.” – MIchel de Montaigne



Everything that happens inside a women’s bathroom in the trendiest nightclub in Mexico City. Marta Hernaiz Pidal’s second feature film, currently in development. The script was developed in the acclaimed Cinéfondation Residence from Festival de Cannes in Paris, and participated in several development labs around the world, including Torino Feature Lab. The project is supported by Arri and is a coproduction between Mexico and France, looking for partners to join the team.


Production company México— Cine Vendaval         

Production company France – JBA Production                                                 

Directed by — Marta Hernaiz Pidal

Script — Marta Hernaiz Pidal

This project has been selected in the following programs:

  • Torino Feature Lab (2022)
  • Arri Award TFL (2022)
  • Sub-Ti Award TFL (2022)
  • Green Filming Award TFL (2022)
  • Selected for Torino Feature Lab, Torino, Italia 2022
  • Selected for Coproduction Encounters at Festival International de Cine de Guadalajara, México 2022
  • Selected for the Residence from the Cannes Film Festival Cinéfondation in Paris, France 2021
  • Winner of the Residence award from Le Moulin d’Andé-CECI, France 2021
  • Awarded the Young Creators Grant for Scriptwriting from the National Fund for Culture and Arts, (FONCA), México 2020
  • Selected for Cinélatino Rencontres de Toulouse Cinéma en Développement 16, Toulouse, France 2021
  • Selected for 3 Puertos Workshop for Project Development, organized by Circo 2.12 and Australab, in Chile and México, 2019
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