Ballad of the
de Phoenix

Stop motion feature film in development

“Listen to these stories, young apprentice. Embers shine in your eyes, eternal tales to rouse your soul, will free the spirit that’s inside.” 


After learning her sickly father is a tyrant, Virian, a young and selfish princess, will discover the truth that befalls on her crown, guided by a wise Phoenix. Will she save her beloved father from death, or deliver the kingdom from his sinister acts?


Production company — Cinema Fantasma, Cine Vendval

Directed by — Arturo and Roy Ambriz

Script — Arturo y Roy Ambriz

Production — Marta Hernaiz, Arturo and Roy Ambriz

Executive production — Rodolfo Ambriz, Adriana Rendón

Cinematography — Irene Melis

Animation director — Beto Petiches

Production design — Bruce Zick

Art direction — Ana Coronilla

Workshop director and puppet creation — Jorge A. Téllez 

Music — Kevin Smithers

Festivals & Awards

• MIFA Pitches, Annecy International Animation Film Festival and Market 2022

• Animation Ventana Sur, Argentina 2018

• Ideatoon, Pixelatl Morelos, México 2018

• Awarded Best Animation Feature Film at El Festival Pixelatl 2018, Morelos, México

• Awarded the Annecy Prize at Ventana Sur 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

• Premio Hasan Estudio at Festival Animasivo

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