2019 | Japan and Mexico | 75 minutes | spanish, mayan

The past and present of those who live near “cenotes” merge in this poetic documentary.


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A journey across Yucatán through its “cenotes” and the mythology surrounding them. The ancient voice of a Mayan girl who was sacrificed in one of these natural underground water wells will guide us along through nature, and the contrasts between light and darkness. As the water flows, the past and the present of the people that live near cenotes will fuse to show us their memories as well as a glimpse at the daily lives of the communities that live around them to this day.

“The narration, extracted from Mayan poetry and performed by voices from another world, has something hypnotic in its procession" - The Japan Times


Production company—FieldRain, Aichi Arts Center, Cine Vendaval  

Directed by — Kaori Oda

Script — Kaori Oda

Production — Kaori Oda, Echigoya Takashi, Jorge Bolado, Marta Hernaiz

Cinematography — Kaori Oda

Editing — Kaori Oda

Sound — Kaori Oda, Augusto Castillo

Cast — Araceli del Rosario Chulim Tun, Juan de la Rosa Mibmay


• Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival (Asian Current Competition), Japan 2019

• Aichi Art Film Festival vol.24 Aichi Art Center 2020

• Rotterdam International Film Festival, Bright Future section, The Netherlands 2020

• Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions, Japan 2020

• Festival Internacional de Cine UNAM, sección Ahora México, México 2020

• Festival Internacional de CIne de Murcia IBAFF, España 2020

• Japan Cuts, Nueva York, USA 2020

among others …


• Estímulo Churubusco UNAM Award FICUNAM México 2020

• Special Mention at IBAFF, Murcia, España 2020

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