The Assumption
of José

2016 | Mexico | 76 minutes | Spanish

After death we will have to sing, we will have to dance, we will have to talk a little more, and walk until we get out of the way.


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José Asunción Silva: poet, writer, one of the most important modernists from the first Iberoamerican generation. His projects have failed, as well as his political career and business, and he is immersed in his latest writing project, losing it during the shipwreck of a steamboat from Venezuela to Colombia. His life wanders between the re-writing of this final work and the short conversations he has with his young assistant, Inés. After finishing his manuscript, Silva ends the relationship with Inés and shoots himself in the heart, to be guided by the spirit of his younger sister on a new path towards the unknown.

The shipwreck is when the light brings about loss of memories that in some ways insists in remembering doing itself.– José Asunción Silva


Production company — Cine Vendaval                                                          

Directed by — Juan Rocha

Script — Juan Rocha

Production — Marta Hernaiz Pidal, Jorge Bolado

Cinematography — Marta Hernaiz Pidal, Jorge Bolado 

Editing — Francisco Borrajo

Sound — Guillermo Gaitán

Cast — Víctor Siañez Vaca, Farah Cárdenas Anastasio, Inés Quesada Pesqueira

Art direction — Roy Ambriz                                                     

Line producer — Daniel Loustaunau


•  Festival Distrital, CDMX, México 2016

•  34 Festival de Cine de Bogotá, Colombia 2017

• Special screening at Casa Kilele-Casa Cultura, Colombia 2017


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