Pollito Chicken, Gallina hen


Year: 2012

Estimated Running time: 18 min

Format: 16:9

Country: México

Language: Spanish

Subtitles: English

© Marta Hernaiz Pidal México, 2016


Macarena got her first period. She didn’t expect this, so she feels

very uncomfortable and tense. She decides not to tell anyone,

since she attends a Catholic school run by nuns, where no one

talks about this. Macarena only lives with her father, who is in

the poultry business. They visit one of his chicken farms, a place

where she will be able to get answers to her questions and put an

end to her big secret.

Director's Statement


I've always said that one has to write about what he knows. I think

beyond that in cinema we have to talk about something relevant.

Menstruation or the period of a woman is seen as something so

natural or even "discusting" That it hacen t got (at least cinematically)

the importance it deserves. Since it is an event that marks and

changes the life of every woman. Macarena is experiencing just such

a stage, where everything becomes confusing and ambiguous. Is

forced through this rite that makes you to change what he haven t

decided oror even worst we have to change with out knowing why.

Our character will have to face their fears and this new problem

which will have to solve alone, because she has more prejudices that

support for it. I want that the viewer with Macarena to realize that

sometimes these little problems that make us suffer so much or do

not seem as relevant, are the same that make us grow, change and

become an adult. I always attended a religuos school and passed the

stage of puberty in this, as well as a little girl I had the opportunity

to meet and see how the business of raising chickens, so I know and

lived nearly this two issues. With both I have dcided to mix them a

tell a story about life itself.In this short we can see how is the process

of life of the chickens, since they are eggs in the incubator, and are

separated at birth between males and females, and finally end up

dying. Macarena seeing this will realize that she is going through

something similar and that change is inevitable, since everything is

a natural process which we must face and accept.

Cast and Crew


Rebeca Tolsá Bolado

Danna Lowenberg

Antón Araiza

Leticia Gómez



Written and Directed by: Marta Hernaiz

Executive Producer: Jorge Bolado

Production Coordinator: Tanya Hernández

Cinematography: Vonno A. Ambriz

Sound: Eduardo Santos Diseño

Sound: Cuadrilátero

Art: Cristina del Conte

Assistant Director: Mauricio Calderón

Assistant Production: Rosa Galguera, Agustín Marrero

Assistant Cinematography: Axel Muñoz

Assistant Sound: Fidel Molina

Assistant Editor: José Pablo Escamilla

Assistant Art: Erika Ruiz

Script: Mara Ugalde

Music: Jorge Bolado

Vestuario: Jocelyn Corona

Credits: Marta Gely Pidal, Paola Fuentes

Gaffer: Gerardo Franco

Staff: Armando Mercado, Diego Vargas

2º Ast. Sound: Daniel Loustaunau

2º Ast. Producer: Allegra Cordero

2º Ast. Producer: Diego Dominguez

Advisors: Paula Astorga, Jorge Bolado,

Sandria Cabriada, Jorge "Porri" García,

Mauricio Katz, Gabriela Vidal

Screening List


México City



México City


* Special Mention to Rebeca Tolsá Bolado, for lead actress in Short Shorts Film Festival 2012.



Santiago, Chile



Playa del Carmen, México



San Luis Potosi , México



San Luis Potosi, México


* Film Contact:

Marta Hernaiz Pidal

Email: marta@cinevendaval.com

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2378300/


* Suportes:

Cine vendaval : cinevendaval.com

Centro de Diseño Cine y TV: centro.edu.mx

© Marta Hernaiz Pidal, México, 2016


Julija Pavlović

Mira Bešič

Bojan Mijatović



Mentor: Béla Tarr

Producer: Cine Vendaval, film.factory

Written and Directed by: Marta Hernaiz Pidal

Executive Producer: Marta Hernaiz Pidal, Emina Ganić, Jorge Bolado

Production Coordinator: Mersiha Halilović

Line Producer: Gustavo Vega

Assistant Director: Bianca Lucas

Cinematography: Sergio Flores Torija

Assistant Camera: Manel Raga Raga

2o Assistant Camera: Émerson Zárate

Gaffer : Admir Štrbo

Dolly and Grip: Aldin Arnautović Emir Kašić

Still Photographer: Pilar Palomero

Sound Designer: Jorge Bolado

Sound Mix: Guillermo Gaitán

Supervising Sound Editing and Mix: Daniel Loustaunau

Sound on Set: Levan Lomjaria Graeme Cole

Sound Assistant: Namsuk Kim Ghazi Alqudcy

Music: Jorge Bolado, Guillermo Gaitán

Editor: Marta Hernaiz Pidal

Postproduction: Francisco Espinal

Technical Assistance: Bojan Mijatović Nihad Ušanović

Subtitles Translation: Bojan Mijatović Grading: Sergio Flores Torija

Location Manager: Gustavo Vega

Ast. Producer: Kown Moon, Alen Ljubuncic

2o Ast. Producer: Nene Mojaš

Drivers: Arman Šojko Muamer Alijaj

Distribution: Películas Santa Clara Graphic

Designer: Ana Harumi Tanimoto

Advisor: Pedro Costa


Thanks To: Jorge Bolado, Béla Tarr, Sunčica Fradelić, Mara Ugalde, Rosa Galguera, Kaori Oda, Emma Roz, Maja and Nermin Tulić, Hans Bruch Jr. Dijana Pavlovic, Haris Ljumanovic, Colectivo Colmena, CinemaFantasma, Cineteca Nacional, People form Gorica, Hernaiz Pidal Family, All the colleagues from Film Factory.